Lessons learned from our GDPR journey

We all know that becoming GDPR compliant is a pain!!!

However we found a lot of value out of this journey.

Deliver TRUST to your customers

  1. We worked hard on traceability of the customer and user data
  2. Data and in our case the money used for payments stays the property of the sponsor/CRO

EFFICIENCY, not the first value when you think about the GDPR process, although..

  1. Thinking frugale by storing data that you only need is a big plus
  2. Thinking automation as a mantra helps a lot in the long run, so that it boost your bottom line

Privacy By Design

  1. It saves a lot of time to think Privacy when Designing. You can build a very strong and secure system if you plan for it from scratch
  2. We took financial data as seriously as healthcare data. This is the same for us. The patient needs to be protected whatever can happen